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Angel Print Collage, Printing Instructions

Angel Prints are hand crafted by artist Joanne Vanin. Your child's foot prints or hand print are transformed into a one of a kind art piece that, with text and symbolism, tells a story about your little angel.  A written explanation of the print is included.

Baby Foot or Hand  Printing Instructions

Please read all instructions before beginning.  Foot prints work best for newborns and hand prints for older children.


1. Good quality, fairly smooth (with some tooth), acid free printing paper, of no more than 140 lbs Some excellent brands are Fabriano, Arches, Artprint, Tiepolo, Stone Henge. Your local art store will be able to assist you. You won't require very much as your baby's feet are tiny, however, enough for a few prints is recommended.  Less expensive papers can be used for first tries.

2.NON-TOXIC printing ink. Please make sure that your local art store recommends an acid- free NON TOXIC ink. Do not use any other product on your baby's skin. Non-toxic inks give better results than non-toxic paints but paints can be used. Select the color of your choice. Recommended brands are:  Color Box at and Baby's Touch.

3.A slightly damp cloth and a dry one for cleaning your baby's feet are needed.

Printing Steps

Cut the paper into manageable squares for printing. There should be an area of at least 2 inches or 5 cm of paper around the final print of the two little feet. In other words, avoid having the print too close to the paper's edges. The examples here at will give you an idea. Prints should be done when the baby is relaxed, fed and changed.  

Take one little foot and gently press it into the inkpad, making sure that all toes and foot are covered with the ink. Then, gently press the foot onto the printing paper, remembering to leave room around the edges of the footprint, and space for the printing of the other foot. Wipe the foot clean and dry it. Press the other foot into the ink and carefully place it next to the first printed foot on the paper. The feet should not be far apart but almost touching. Again, refer to examples seen on this site. Clean and dry the foot. You may have to repeat this process a few times.  Some prints have been made by standing the baby up onto the paper. When all prints are complete clean your baby's feet with mild soap and water.

For the hand print, follow the above instructions using only one hand to

print from.

Select your preferred print and contact the artist for more information about delivery