Alone at Christmas?

You're not alone.  December 15, 2016

Christmas day alone can be a marvellous thing!

With two weeks to go until that magical day, I decided to ask some people in my neighbourhood about how they would be spending Christmas.

Most will have a  quiet get together with family with an emphasis on “simple” and “relaxed”.

Others are contemplating travel, a few days away either skiing or in the sun.

A surprising amount however, will be alone, by choice, and looking forward to it.

We are conditioned, by media, commercialism, and by songs played at this time of year to feel that we don't quite measure up if we find ourselves alone on this festive day.

Admittedly Christmas gives us an opportunity to visit with those we love should we choose to.

For those who believe in what it represents, Christmas day holds significant religious meaning.

However, for many, it is a day like any other.

I have spent numerous Christmases alone and far from loved ones. I always connected with my family via phone or Skype to make merry and wish them the best for the holidays but, apart from that, I never dwelled on the fact that it was a “special” day. For me it was a day like any other and I treated it as such.

For those of you who will be on their own this Christmas, 2016, here are some tips that I picked up from my recent “Alone at Christmas” conversations.

1. It is a time for giving and for being merry.  There are many ways to be generous that don't require

    money, if that is a challenge. A smile, a Christmas wish when out for a walk can make someone's

    day. If you don't feel like venturing out, then curl up with a book or a good movie and be

    generous to self.

2. Plan a special dinner for yourself. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Indulge in a creamy


3. Decorate. Even a small tree with a few ornaments will do the trick.

4. If you do celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas, attend your local church for Christmas

    worship. If you don't feel like leaving your home, or it is difficult for you, consider watching a service       

    on TV or on line.

5. Reach out to others, perhaps a neighbour, who may be alone and in need of a chat.

6. Embrace the gift of silence, with a mug of hot chocolate, the thick milky kind.

7. Get out for a walk in nature. If in an urban centre, find your way to the sparkle of lights around the


8. Enjoy some comedy.

9. Take a long hot bath while listening to soothing music.

10. Practice gratitude. Look around you and find at least five things tangible, or non tangible, that you

      are especially grateful for.

With imagination, creativity and  motivation, this day will be fulfilling, enjoyable and unique to you.

Take care of yourself!

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