Why a Visual Journals workshop might be beneficial for YOU.

Before explaining a bit about how the workshop unfolds, take a moment to consider the questions below. If you answer YES to any of these, then this method of healing might resonate with YOU.

Are you in need of …..

*      more self-care

*     stress reduction

*     releasing negative emotions

*     enhancing positive emotions

*     exploring your true life purpose

*     unveiling emotional blocks

*     anger resolution

*     heart based decision making

*     exploring the source of a physical ailment

*     being more in touch with your truth

*     improving intuition

*     awakening your creativity

Read on as I give an example outline of Visual Journals, Expressing with Art.  

1.   I begin with  a short discussion about right and left brain information processing.

2.   Letting go of outcome. This exercise will help you let go of the feeling of needing to know how

      to draw.  

3.   Visualization. I lead you into a short meditation whereby we enhance a positive, relaxed state. We

       learn about different ways of imaging.

4.   Setting the intention. The concept of intention is explained and examples are given.

5.   Scanning the body. You learn how to tune into body sensations.  

6.   Accessing a negative emotion.

7.   Imaging the negative emotion.

8.   Transforming that negative emotion.

9.   Creating your own healing image.

Exploration is first general and then becomes more specific to the individual as the workshop progresses.

Materials used are very simple. Know that there is a release in every mark that is made.

The workshop is hands on and exploratory in nature, however my intention is that you leave with an understanding of the process so that you can use this wellness tool throughout your life.

It is my belief that expressing self through art, music, and movement allows for communication with the soul/higher self.

If you are interested in attending one of my workshops, or having me facilitate one for your group, please contact me here at info@jvanin.com

Expressing with art can help you heal in any area of your life be it physical, emotional or spiritual. The list is inexhaustible.

Visual Journals, the process

Disclamer: The information I share with you on this blog is based on my own healing journey and is  for educational purposes only.

Please consult the appropriate health care professional to deter mine the best treatment for you.

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