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“Seeing” how it Feels, January 22nd, 2015

This visualization process has become one of my “thrive tools

As a visual arts teacher, I sometimes use guided visualization to inspire creativity in my students when they are stuck. I find that most outcomes hold a strong personal component, exploring emotions, challenges, interests, or concerns. Apart from being a catalyst for an idea or direction in their research/studio work, it is clear that these images also help in moving toward a partial or full resolution of the issues explored.  

Modified somewhat, that visualization process has become one of my “thrive tools.

With practice, I began to see feelings and emotions as being heavy or light, not negative or positive. When I do this short exercise, I often attribute color, value (light or dark) shape (geometric or organic), direction, line, form, or texture to this heavy or light sensation. I am present to the feeling in my body and how it is translated into the language of art.  After a time, the image may even transform, dissolve or melt away. I always feel a shift at the end of it.

I would like to share a version of what I call my “visualization release” process with you.

First, read the entire description. It is simple to remember. You can guide yourself through it. If you forget, you can always come back to it.

I use the example of “fear” in my description but you will use whatever comes up for you.

Your goal is to still the mind, set an intention, sense the feeling or emotion you are exploring in your body, then allow the sensation to come to you as an image. It can be as simple as a line or a color or it can be very complex. The trick is to allow and be open to what comes.

There is no right or wrong way to do this.

There are no fast rules.

Step one

Find a peaceful place where you can sit comfortably.

Close your eyes. Take  three   long,   deep   breaths.

With each breath comes greater relaxation.

Step two

Set an intention, saying it quietly to yourself.

For example: My intention is to explore this feeling of fear.

Move into stillness by continuing to focus on your breath.

Thoughts may appear. Just let them float by like clouds, without judgement.

With each breath become more and more relaxed, more and more connected to your body.

Take as much time as you can/need.

Step three

Bring your conscious awareness to the part or parts of your body where you feel the sensation of “fear”.  

Be present to it.  

Ask your body:

If this sensation were an image, what would it look like?

Allow an image to appear, without judgment. Be with it for as long as you need to. Be open to what comes to you. It may evolve, transform or even present you with a message.

When you are ready open your eyes. How do you feel?


I usually use this technique to process a heavy or dense emotion. In imaging it and being present to it, I find that it disipates somewhat or disappears altogether. Sometimes it tansforms to something much lighter.

However, if I explore something lighter, like joy, I find that the joy is enhanced when I image it. I stay with its brilliance and welcome the strength and power that it brings me.

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“Seeing” how it Feels