Lunch for Breakfast         

Eating lunch for breakfast? I've been told its a revolution but I think many of us have done it before. After all, bacon and eggs could qualify as lunch.

I followed the full Gerson Therapy, a vegan diet including juicing, for over two years. Coming out of it and gradually adding even more healthy, whole foods, I continue to cook creatively and eat more intuitively. What dictates my meal is what is found in my pantry and fridge, my raw materials. I take a look at available ingredients and tune into what I feel like eating. I don't follow any specific recipe, nor am I too concerned with precise measurments.

However, since many have asked what I usually eat for breakfast,  I recorded recipes and photographed the finished product for 7 days. They are included here  for you to try, if inspired. Even though some of the meals call for some advance thought as soaking is required, they are all deliciously simple and easy to prepare. Click on any image above for the recipe.

Side notes:

All my food is whole and organic. I rarely eat dairy but include it on day 6 as a treat. Rice is cooked the day before with a bit of coconut oil in the water to help eliminate some of the arsenic and calories if need be.

I rarely use salt but when I do, its Pink Himalayan. A pinch can be added to all of these recipies if desired.

My Spiralizer, GEFU, is compact, simple and effective.


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