Collage is one of my favourite techniques. It consistently demonstrates that by adding just one simple

detail, or by taking it away, the whole can change dramatically. I began working with this selection and assemblage of elements in the 90's.

Look under Mixed Media Collage, sub click of WORK, on this site, and  you will see a series of collages created over time. I prepare the canvas in a specific way. I incorporate text, symbolism, illustrations and hand decorated papers. All components are gathered, and adhered to the canvas surface with careful thought for design at each stage.

About 14 years ago, when my nephew was born, I decided to begin with these raw materials, the ones I had been using all along, to create  a collage dedicated to him, with symbols specific to him, using the techniques developed in the Mixed Media Collage series.  

Thus was born the Angel Print Collage. Instead of my personal illustrations at the centre of the composition, there is now a print of a baby's feet or a toddler's hand. Illustrations, text and decorative papers are created for that child according to birth date and family preferences.

The canvas is cut to size, dipped in water and crumpled. When dry, it is stretched over a wooden frame, stapled and treated with a mixture of colour, linseed oil, gesso and natural glues. The surface is finished with gold and white paints.  Once dry, the canvas is removed from the stretcher and is stapled to a flat, hard surface.

Papers are selected and prepared with color and splatters of white and gold. Illustrations representing Eastern and Western astrology are drawn freehand on transparent paper. The most positive attributes of these signs are included as text. Ribbons to indicate birth order are selected.  Placement of gold leaf is considered.

All elements are assembled and glued to the golden canvas with great care and patience.  Between application stages, the collage is pressed under weights. Gold liquid paint is used for finishing touches. Once dry, the collage is removed from the flat surface and placed under glass.

An explanation of symbolism and text is included in a document that is printed out on parchment paper.

I am now experimenting with a new approach, using paper, rather than canvas, as a  background.

If you have any comments or questions, drop me a line here, I love hearing from you.

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